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Five fine number six not points them explain to you in detail no I’ll give you a very detailed explanation for . number may take some time it’s okay to invest the time today so they exam you’ll be laughing when you look at this double question now what if market does not believe in PE of. what is the market does not believe in the PE of. which means the post acquisition value may not be the one that we got just now . so let’s say the market didn’t believe it’s going to be.

so the new PE now will be calculated that the market will say this is what the market does the market does faces the new p maybe chicken maybe I’m saying is maybe ticking as a weighted average the new p may be taken as a weighted average of the two companies PE alright new p may be taken as a weighted average of the two companies p now the wait take that you can use here is two men one of it is going to be it earnings as a weighted your knees and mining is put together who’s running is mall will have more the P represented.

In the end p already can use the total market values of the two companies who always bigger they will have the underrepresented more at the end domestic earnings as a basis here so if you’re going to take earnings as a basis now we know that the earnings of the Nitrate is and tony is so we’re going to find a way to leverage all weighted-average peas plus this is going to be the weighted average concept yeah weighted-average your one with your earnings plus the other one now their earnings p/e ratio we have calculated let me just go and show you where is it now the peewee shows they have.

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Secrets Will Make Your Property Valuation Look Amazing

For share nonexchangeable yeah that that is only a share for share exchange only next thingies it’s going to be one book Guinea she of the neat Russia’s next we’re going to say we are told we are told the PE off but gone is told the of the pony is . we can find PE off the Nita p of nutria world Lee p of money truck is going to be based on the ratio learning Spanish air now the price here the price that we just got just now in part a of the question the knee trust price is.

Now you can box these answers if you want totes easy for the Marcus to mark especially. night obviously looks cheap but yeah if you want to call means them just yeah also be high not so we have your. percent now what are we going to still answer here is if not the end of the question yet because they say what is the percentage gain equity for both the shareholders OK.

we’re going to have a picture we’re going to call percentage of shareholders king not percentage of shareholder game is going to be like this but going shareholder post-acquisition so if you hold one bug on his shares shareholder three acquisition before the acquisition after the acquisition well you still have the same number of chess remember you still have the same number of shares if you have one last time which is what . to which is from this particular calculation that we got you’re just not establishing the current price of the corniest . there was what you had last time today our prices study $ writings.

Nine dollars another words you have gained a capital increase of. this is your increase increase in the price per tee of tobogganing remember by gonna shoulders will not feel any.



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Of credit or a regional facility against your house or you invest in property okay the way the bank’s determine the value properties they get an independent value earth to value the property now the value is done work for the bank’s the value of us have their own external Sydney Property Valuers companies and they have a reverie bank has a recommended list of value is that they use for a particular area so the first thing you could understand is an investor is this if you buy an investment property for nine hundred thousand dollars in your personal name you end up in retail banking which means any time you want to revalue your property the bank triggers the valuation and they trigger the valuation through company called velum which is an intermediary between the banks and the valuation companies which means you can never ever or even your brought your banker.


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Actually going to be worth a hundred xci DA at that point years into the future for this to work first off we have to assume that revenue operating income and free cash flow take years to materialize as they usually do the startup this is otherwise known as the hockey stick forecast this alone presents far greater risk than what you see with a normal company we also have to have a discount rate that’s vastly higher to represent that risk opinions different the exact great to use but some people.

Go as high as eighty percent if it’s a company that has nothing no product no team no revenue maybe some small prototype or something like that maybe one person working on it and the discount rate will go lower and lower the more the company develops and starts getting revenue and real customers and then the third difference that emerges from all this is that for more of the company’s value comes from the present value of the terminal value so if you look at it her ewe were on percent.

coming from that this would be far too high for any-normal company normally we don’t like to see over fifty percent but for a tech startup like this it’s so speculative it is heavily based on that terminal value so in short would say that it’s not completely crazy that a tech startup with no revenue could be worth billions of dollars or at least a billion dollars it’s just highly speculative because what if no one download the app what if it takes two to three years longer than expected to monetize at fifty percent discount rate those two to three years matter.



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Into the into the equation so if it’s a -percent coupon rate that means on an annual basis that pays hundred forty dollars a year so we’re going to plug in c c by to write coupon dollars I’m also going to take our by two so if the required return is sixteen percent they -percent I’m going to plug in . wait for our again r by and then also tee times too and so if this is a seven-year bond seven years to maturity going to take t x and plug-in for the tea and I get a bond value of nineteen seventy dollars sense now this is a discount bond why is that well but that would say that interest rates have gone up my bond.

was paying a -percent a -percent environment and so if people were to buy my bond they would pay me less than a thousand dollars that’s a relationship you have to understand if interest rates go up bond values going down how do you solve for this little are this yield to maturity let’s say you’re given the bond-price you’re giving the coupon your given to your given F and so on you’re solving for R there are three hours in the equation we basically do it by trial and error again understand the mathematics first second be able to plug it into a scientific calculator the big long formula with all the attendant parentheses and and correct.

mathematics plug it into your scientific calculator next plug it into your financial calculator which has functions built for this purpose and then finally be able to type it into Excel both in longhand which is the long hand formula with all the attendant parentheses and then also begin to understand as you become a more intermediate excel user understand the Excel functions.

That are built and and already can into excel and you can solve these problems very quickly just need to learn the syntax in taxes character called out very carefully in our books is very very easy once you learn the syntax of excel and you can get selfies bond problems for any of the five variables are very easy so we do trial now we can get smartly in our can’t we because we know that if the price of the bond is less than a thousand dollars were given the price.

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Scaramouch with an estimated net worth over million dollar sis a beneficiary of one of the greatest money-making creations in the history of Wall Street the hedge fund an investment fund that uses borrowed money to enhance pastureland is only open to high net worth clients average cap his firm raises money from wealthy individuals and institution sit invest that money with Brisbane Property Valuers promising young hedge fund managers once we find the manager give that manager anywhere from to say fifty million dollars in capital in exchange for their capital and give us a piece of the business share that piece %uh their business with our underlying investors sterile urges career has unfolded during the golden age of hedge funds which now manage . trillion dollars sorry guys this unprecedented infusion of cash has made many in the business incredibly rich including Scaramouch by the Islet had great success as its defined I would assume you how come we come a wealthy man fair to say yeah you could describe me as wealthy and when you hear me say that you don’t believe Tito makes me cringe a little titties my really wealthy I think about okay if Wealthiness the responsibility that comes with that amid a lot a rich people you get the spoil t in title person and you get the hard-driving person to you know images you this whole point like many of today’s Wall Street Titans Scaramouch grew up middle-class and has always been a stripper financial Andaman academically I wanted to you break at that middle-class.

Make your property as appealing as property valuation methods possible so that the valuers themselves get motivated to spread a word about the deal you have for the property. Share as much information as possible about the property with your valuer so that they comprehend every minutest detail of your property’s potential. Make the entire outlook and ambiance of your house as amazing as you would on the day when the potential buyer visits you. Dedicate your time and efforts to attend to and answer all the questions that the valuer might pose to you. Kindly avoid all the appointments or commitments till the time the valuer is inspecting your property, i.e. attribute value to the valuer. Also, make certain that the surroundings of your house are environmentally friendly and that there is no room for any waste, or garbage anywhere around.


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8Such a great amount of time on by only one bring up Sings net planned pay opportunity remittances in that spot underneath it for this situation percent affirm early give Kelly around of there are several yes it can couple here yes in the back Ashgabat approve she additionally adding machines and everything process approve next up alright Beatty stipends lawyer what emerges to you about he out about the enormous as yet extraordinary.

who percents the specialists improve it look a little truly on gross working wages essentially subtracting from the opening lower working costs are there percent what emerges to you about that yet someone else high did anyone again if Quiet his boldness that would be another reason however it’s not but rather there’s one major reason that it is in its it’s sprinkling here observe words our lord eater that a parcels there’s just there’s just a single water meter one fuel electric meters so the proprietors grabbing each one of those costs and the tensor are there were with unless with boundless Tilly you truly percent could be low and fundamental so we’re going to ramble about typical.

costs and Beatty variables and the rates later so used to track everything with you have left ideally this is trade stream out asp.net working pay and I And why and working Property Valuation Melbourne them beneath that you have your credit installment and that basically in light of percent now whatever rate amortized over whatever madame years that is the way you get your mother torment what you have left again so spendable salary for this situation develops spendable pay vitality degree of profitability Ruy money on money again we’re going to go creeping now and demonstrate to you proper methodologies to do every one of those-estimations today down beneath what you have years how about we when and speculators as accompany islets our there this is what they’re alluding to the rooms shower child the number units what put where this place when the parts better bass what’s the breakdown and this is what you have is studios shower empty you dollars her mother dollars every month some upside there.


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some other resource valuation resources are acquired from the universe of substantial valuation and actually dependably talk about valuation philosophies one is business sector business sector is the most attractive the business sector technique executed is the one that we utilize and that is the one that the last system that is accessible to utilizing an IP valuations situation is the cost strategy and that ones because of the way that there’s no real all utility or so the issue of the cost strategy.

is it’s taking a gander at that the expense to make an advantage without truly taking a gander at any kind of interest access I need to push ahead to what are the conditions IP resources are in effect terrible you as a rule we get we get individuals purposes for living in all the time and there’s a ton of conditions when individuals need assistance with great valuation yet as a rule a ton of these conditions full into you know sort of comparable container that you see that you see no matter how you look at it with greater organizations are littler organizations as should be obvious there’s two or three guests hear some of them are darker some of them.

I like I’ve isolated some of these in a different bundle from the others and as I’ve been specifying that you start up to the part of the issue is the way that all the time so it’s not it’s not each day so ordinarily when individuals call with an IP valuation require our first question is the reason do you have to do that so here you can see the valuation conditions that I had reporting or consistence is circumstance where it’s compulsory to esteem so that would be PIC file content reporting budgetary reporting or harms in your kitchen.

The primary occupation of any Expert property valuation Sydney is to examine and educate clients with respect to the legitimate status concerning the property. These experts not just analyze the different property and authoritative reports under the magnifying instrument additionally pay visits to the property to guarantee that it is immaculate from the lawful angle. They particularly pay consideration on easements, and different encumbrances that could have a course on the virtue of the title of the property being referred to.


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The grounds that a ton of understudies discover this subject smidgen all the more difficult so I’m in an ideal situation and you are in an ideal situation really keeping it for a different session along these lines when you begin to take a shot at it you will begin so we took a gander at show to purchase.

an advantage instead of money or as opposed to money quickly something we may get a money rebate may have conceded installment arrangement we may haves singular amount buy or something we may issue stocks in the event that you have any inquiries regarding these themes please see me in class or email me or any person he needed to have a paper I may not rank among variables and Diana I think in the wake of posting.

tenets even as hot and place him in an online course Walton nauseating utilizing my video deal and buy on the off chance that I see a mergers and acquisitions including IV access permitting and other reaching us he displayed his discoveries utilizing hearing as Property Valuation a part of that bank surrendering organization contract managing an account organizations and government monetary administrative you have held positions on his number of the notice track official VP senior bad habit now outrage of numerous saving money and administrative supervisory in panama alone there are numerous on load up