Secrets Will Make Your Property Valuation Look Amazing

For share nonexchangeable yeah that that is only a share for share exchange only next thingies it’s going to be one book Guinea she of the neat Russia’s next we’re going to say we are told we are told the PE off but gone is told the of the pony is . we can find PE off the Nita p of nutria world Lee p of money truck is going to be based on the ratio learning Spanish air now the price here the price that we just got just now in part a of the question the knee trust price is.

Now you can box these answers if you want totes easy for the Marcus to mark especially. night obviously looks cheap but yeah if you want to call means them just yeah also be high not so we have your. percent now what are we going to still answer here is if not the end of the question yet because they say what is the percentage gain equity for both the shareholders OK.

we’re going to have a picture we’re going to call percentage of shareholders king not percentage of shareholder game is going to be like this but going shareholder post-acquisition so if you hold one bug on his shares shareholder three acquisition before the acquisition after the acquisition well you still have the same number of chess remember you still have the same number of shares if you have one last time which is what . to which is from this particular calculation that we got you’re just not establishing the current price of the corniest . there was what you had last time today our prices study $ writings.

Nine dollars another words you have gained a capital increase of. this is your increase increase in the price per tee of tobogganing remember by gonna shoulders will not feel any.


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